HR Leadership

Ideal Management Styles for a Growing Workforce

You’re nearing the first goal for your business and truth be told, you’re thrilled. But alongside, you’re humbled. Knowing you couldn’t have done it all without the efforts of your workforce, you’re proud to have had such an ambitious, positive group by you. But, now that you’re on this upward trajectory, you’re a little worried that this workforce might losing interest in your endeavor. The perfect management styles are the answer.

The Best Management Styles for Growth

So, how do you maintain their interest in your business while encouraging them to reach for the stars? Here’s how you specific management style can come into play!

Be a Visionary

Your main goal can’t be to simply make money.

You’re running a successful business. Ergo, you must have some vision of the future, what’s truly pushing you to work hard to rise to the top. As a manager, it’s your job to show everyone what this vision is, and how you feel satisfied and motivated to work toward it.

Think of it as sharing your dream with like-minded people. You want to be idealistic, but not have your head in the clouds. You must simply be such a leader that people would want to be compelled to walk alongside you. To turn your dream into theirs.

Have Democratic Management Styles

Ultimately, you make all the decisions. But it doesn’t mean that others didn’t have any influence over the final say.

As a democratic manager, you want to keep your doors open and your mind clear. Show them that you value your team member’s ideas, their input—you’ll want to be the type of leader who’s modest and a true leader. Someone who recognizes the true potential in others and strives to help those individuals in recognizing it.

Such a leader is sometimes thought of as inefficient, since they depend more on their team’s opinion before making a decision. But for you, the idea is to show others that you’re a respectful leader of the group, one who values everyone’s opinion.

Be Innovative

Initially resented, you’ll want to be the leader who earns their respect because you push your employees to get out of their comfort zone. And ultimately when they do so, they realize that all you do is because you see what’s best in them.

Such managers should challenge and motivate their employees to try their best and push themselves. But these managers should also do right by them.

Rather than take advantage of their employees’ hard work, you must look out for your employee’s health, and pull them away when they start burning themselves out. As an innovative, transformative manager, you should do your best to encourage other employees to reach their full potential, even if they don’t trust themselves.

In Short…

You should be a manager who prioritizes their team above all else. But while working on your leadership, you mustn’t disregard the leadership qualities of those who may be handling other sections of your business.

Here is a major red flag you should be looking out for.

Autocratic Attitude

A good manager shouldn’t be one who people would think twice before speaking to, mainly out of annoyance or fear.

With autocratic behavior, you should expect some form of anger and resentment toward the boss. So, if you receive a litany of back-handed comments and complaints regarding one person’s micromanaging talents, they should probably be spoken to, firmly and right away.

Send out a memo to all the managers stating that this type of behavior from the management will not be tolerated. Being dismissive and being a downright bully, behaving as though their employees are their servants and that their well-being doesn’t matter, bribing them with empty gestures and sweet words when in trouble than being completely hands-off when the time comes—your management mustn’t display any of these qualities.

Otherwise you might have a problem on your hands!

Conclusion: Management Styles can Make or Break Companies

If we must take only one lesson from this, it’s that as a manager or a boss, we must remember that our growing workforce is human, and needs the perfect management styles and proper human capital management. That’s something that even the best HR certifications can’t help with. By catering to their human needs and by becoming the leader they deserve, you’ll have more people pledging their loyalty to your business, simply because they know that because of you, it’s all worth it.