HR Leadership

How to Create a Better Employee Experience

From the moment a potential candidate learns about your company to the time they come on board, all the way to the future after they’ve exited from the company—as a business owner, your job is to view your employee experience as you would a customer experience, from start to end.

Making sure everything is working perfectly, addressing any qualms about the company your employee may have that might make things difficult for you in the future. It’s your job to create the ultimate employee experience.

The Ideal Employee Experience

Feel overwhelmed? Here are some foolproof tips that can help you create the ideal strategy!

Focus on First Impressions

Your first impression can set the stage for your company’s future.

If your standards aren’t up to par, it will give candidates a negative image of your brand. Taking a website as an example, if you have broken links, pop-ups, shoddy webpage design, and a complicated, long-winded sign-up process, people will turn away after a few minutes.

Create a streamlined website with a simple, hassle-free process for submitting one’s resume. Don’t make people jump through hoops.

Attract Talent

In reality, you need them more than they need you.

If you want to attract the best talent out there, you have to be willing to offer the right incentives. Paid paternity leave, tuition support, flexible schedules—there’s a lot you can offer that would bring in the applicants in droves. Just keep your port of communication open and be willing to negotiate during the hiring process.

In short, sell yourself.

Create a Seamless Onboarding Process

You’ve found the best people, now’s the time to give your new hire a warm welcome. Make this onboarding process easy and simple.

Supply them with a cheat sheet that would have all the basic info (WIFI password, login information and software info) noted down. Introduce the new hires to your team and assign them a mentor who they can go to for help, and talk to them about their first month and what you hope to accomplish together.

Allow Employee Feedback

As the boss, you’ll want to encourage constructive criticism from your employees. From upper level management to the type of snacks the cafeteria serves, ask for feedback on everything regarding your company. The goal here is to show that there’s no us and them. You’re all on the same level here and their boss isn’t some greedy faceless anomaly, sitting behind a desk and bossing people around. Show them the human factor.

Work on that Feedback

You’ve received consistent feedback regarding one of the manager’s behavior.

Despite how much revenue they bring for the company or how they work their team, you’ll want to take action if you receive any sort of feedback. Whatever information you get, your initiative has to be measured, but not late. Implement the change that’s required and show your employees that they’re actually being heard.

Keep Them in the Loop

Did your team just win a large contract with a company? Keep them in the look on all matters related to the project, and how it will affect your company. Keeping a gap in communication only makes your employees feel powerless and useless. Rather than feeling good for their hard work, they only feel angry and defeated because they don’t know where all their efforts went.

Create a culture of communication and allow your team to know how their ideas have been brought to fruition, and what you plan to do next.

Offer Flexibility

It’s not how you get the job done. It’s that you get it done. Period.

It shouldn’t matter to you if an employee takes a day off or works from home once in a while. If they’ve been consistent with their work quality, you should be flexible about their expertise. Trust that your employees will know how to do their job. Micromanaging their lives and work, and pushing them to do what you want not only creates a negative atmosphere, it decreases employee loyalty as well.

Value Your Employee Experience

Use their feedback to improve your workplace, and be accepting of any criticism they provide when they leave. Remember, these are talented, intelligent people. If they provide any sort of helpful tip or an income driven payment plan, use it to improve your employee experience and management styles. And keep on working hard to deliver upon your employee’s expectations. Make your company a happy space for all!