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Top HR Certifications and Degrees for 2020

Human resources is an integral part of every company as it’s responsible for taking care of everything employee-related, such as human capital management. Since employees are the foundation of every company, HR has an extremely important role. That is why if companies don’t have a dedicated HR department and HR strategy, they make their managers or supervisors get an HR certification.

Hiring the right HR professionals can be tricky because you need to find people who fit in. Not just that, these people need to be able to connect with all the employees in the company. Therefore, at minimum, an HR person should have excellent communication skills.

To make the lives of HR people easier, we see that there are several HR management software systems in the market. These aren’t like traditional software i.e. investing platforms like Stash. This is because they require a thorough knowledge of all things HR, so you can make sense of it.

However, even people specializing in HR sometimes have problems with such software, and that is why there are several HR certifications available from different platforms. These HR certifications help you get up to date with the latest HR practices and software.

Here are some of the top HR certifications and degrees for 2020.

HR Management and Analytics Program – Wharton University

Wharton University’s HR Management and Analytics Program is designed for people who are already in the industry. It helps polish existing skills and learn new ones, making you a well-qualified HR person in the process.

The program has a unique approach to HR, where it combines practical applications with theory in a flexible way. This helps people get a more holistic view of HR. The program also delves into the vast world of people analytics and workforce analytics.

When you’re done with the program, you’ll have an advanced understanding of HR analytics. This will help you bridge the gap in communication between employees and departments. You will receive a certificate of completion when you’re done with the program.

After you get the certification, you will be able to use data analysis to understand the staffing cycles of hiring and differentiate between skill and luck, as well as, any internal biases. You will also know everything there is to know about strategic staffing, jobs, tasks, collaboration networks, motivation, and rewards.

You will also receive real-world examples via online lectures, which will help create a mindset where work systems are favored over individual jobs. This helps notice employee potential and increase retention.

The program duration is 2 months and you have to give 4 to 6 hours per week.

HR Certification – University of Minnesota (Coursera)

University of Minnesota’s HR certification on Coursera is a complete outlook on HR management. It includes an introduction to all HR practices, policies, and key principles. The course also helps build a foundation for alternate methods of management, provides a deeper understanding of the US legal system, which, in turn, helps understand the process of hiring, rewarding, managing, and firing employees, as well as why employees are motivated.

It also emphasizes the processes of hiring new employees, evaluating their performances compared to previous employees, and rewarding them according to their performances.

By the end of the course, you’ll know what works and how it works in the workplace. You’ll have a pre-designed toolkit of best practices that will help you with the hiring, evaluating, managing, and rewarding of employees.

The course also helps you realize the common mistakes in mismanaging human resources, and how to avoid them.

You don’t need any previous college experience because the program starts from scratch. You’ll have to complete all the graded assessments and exams to pass. However, you have a flexible deadline to do so. The course runs for 5 months with 5 hours dedicated to it each week.

HR Certification Programs – eCornell

The HR Certification Programs at eCornell are the brainchild of leading academic researchers at Cornell. They’re designed to encompass all of HR while focusing on practical application and real-world scenarios.

There are several HR certifications on the site so it provides options for all levels of HR people whether you are new to the field or experienced. It helps you systematically work through any challenging situations or issues at your workplace.

When you’re done with any of the HR certifications, you will be able to identify the challenges at your workplace and figure out the right solutions for them. You can interact with world-renowned faculty members and other experienced HR learners.

You will learn basic question techniques and how to approach different situations. You’ll also be able to prioritize and separate issues. The courses also help develop an understanding of how to manage your managers, and help them learn and adapt to different challenges.

The program lets you complete your HR certification at your own pace.