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Improve Employee Engagement: A 2020 Guide

Employee engagement and morale is at an all-time low. And unfortunately, while your team has tried its best to not let that impact their quality, you can clearly see that there’s a lack of passion and enthusiasm in their work.

An HR Guide to Employee Engagement

So, what do you do to bring back that sunshine and cheer into their work lives?

Here’s an HR guide that’ll help!

Accept the Hard Truth

You’ll have a hard time improving your team’s engagement, if you don’t even know what you’re up against.

Take an interest in what your employees have commented on in the past, and accept your shortfalls. Perhaps it’s a manager whose authoritative style is rubbing people the wrong way. Perhaps it’s the lack of perks that’s to blame, or even the nature of the job.

Whatever it is, accept that it’s causing problems and you’re ready to take the right steps to solve this issue.

Observe Your Company’s Managerial Style

You might be having an amazing second quarter, but is it just that only the upper management is benefiting from their employees’ hard work?

Of course, they’re the leaders who made it all possible. But it’s how they did it all that should be your main concern. Micromanaging their team, using abusive language, being dismissive of innovative ideas, discouraging personal time—such habits are quite common amongst managers. So, take this factor in stride.

Observe your managers in the workplace (in secret!), and decide whether they’re really the best people for the job.

Prioritize Employee Wellness

Especially if you already know that your team members are burning out, don’t dismiss their conditions, just so you can work them into the ground.

Your employees’ mental and physical health must be your top priority. From nutrition to rest to work stability, keep an eye on everything and make sure you give them the opportunity to practice balance.

Deadlines can be pushed, clients can be placated. But good employees, one’s who truly want to work for you, cannot be replaced.

Accept their Feedback

You’ll have plenty of it once you open your mailbox to truthful feedback, especially if it can be made anonymous!

If you know your employees are suffering, make an announcement that you want their feedback. Show your employees that you will take action once their statements start flooding in. If it’s something simple, like lack of diverse projects, find ways to attract more clients. Alongside, train your people so they can branch out into different related fields.

Give them the chance to grow.

 Recognize their Contributions

Even if it’s a “team effort”, single your specific team members out who deserve recognition.

Show appreciation in the workplace by bringing in some food or other treats, and celebrate the hard work of your team so that they know their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Despite the fact that we are all adults and work in an adult environment, this still doesn’t excuse us from feeling happy and satisfied when we’re singled out and identified as promising candidates.

Reward bonuses or just treat your people to lunch every time there’s something to celebrate. Let them know that you appreciate their determination.

Encourage Creativity for Employee Engagement

And not just in the workplace!

Give your people time to work on creating new things, aside from what they do in the workplace. In addition to their day-to-day projects, allow them to retain some mental capacity so they can focus on other personal projects.

Instead of working them to their full capacity, actively giving them the opportunity to work on their own skills will make your employees feel cherished. They’ll know that you just want them to enjoy their work, and maintain a good personal life as well.

Take the Next Step towards Employee Engagement

Along with these, there are many factors and management styles that contribute to improving employee experience and engagement. So, start following the above tips. Stay determined in your quest to create a happier workplace, and take the right steps to keep your modern workers engaged.