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The Most Effective HR Software For New Enterprises In 2020

Managing your workforce can be tedious, especially when you have to manage everything and everyone, manually. HR software help automate a lot of the redundant tasks related to HR. They help track applicants, ease up the hiring process, and help schedule and organize training sessions. Plus, they can help you concentrate on creating a brilliant HR strategy, as well as a human capital management plan.

Moreover, HR software help with payroll, benefits, and taxes. You can also monitor your employees’ performance, and see which employees need interventions, training, or supervision.

One should understand that not all HR software is all-encompassing. Every single one has its pros and cons, and choosing the right HR software depends on your company’s needs.

The following are a few examples of HR software that can help smooth things out for new enterprises.


Bullhorn is designed to help with the hiring process. It ensures that you always hire the right applicant for your company. The software is built to have a search engine approach when going through potential candidates. This means that it combs through the candidate’s entire history to develop a profile on them.

After creating candidate profiles, the software gives you access to multiple generated data reports that have actionable and insightful information.

However, there is no free trial so you’ll have to buy it to try it. Moreover, the pricing system isn’t as transparent as it should be. You would have to call the company and provide details regarding your organization, after which you’ll receive a quote. This usually includes base pricing, along with any additional features that Bullhorn believes you will need.

Bullhorn can effectively integrate with platforms such as LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook. You can also get candidate information from multiple sources with the touch of a button, by setting specific search queries.


Most HR software systems are not optimized for mobile. People is one of the few that are. It started as a web-based solution, but has now been optimized within a mobile app. It lets you integrate your processes with Google Drive and Dropbox, providing you easy access to your files.

People also has an applicant tracking system that helps track potential candidates who apply for jobs. In addition, it features an authorization logbook, 24-hour timesheets, expense logger, and a holiday leave calculator.

However, there is only a limited free trial, after which there’s a charge. Moreover, there isn’t a general pricing plan. It’s based on a per-employee pricing system, which translates to a higher cost, the more employees you have.

The software doesn’t have all the features of an ideal HR software, but it can be integrated with other HR software to make up for it.

Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR is an HR management software specifically built for enterprises. It’s designed to assist medium to large-scale businesses and offers multiple dashboards and modules built for different HR functions such as application tracking, attendance, recruitment, internal learning, and employee performance.

Lanteria HR also offers full Office 365 support, which means that you can sync all your documents with the software. You can also export Lanteria data in Office files, so they can be accessed by everyone. It also has training capabilities which allow you to set up, plan, and execute different training exercises.

However, the software is primarily optimized for medium and large-scale businesses, making it unsuitable for smaller enterprises. This also means that there is no uniform pricing. You are required to call Lanteria and give them all the information regarding your organization, after which they will give a quote.


BambooHR is one of the few HR software systems that can truly be called an all-in-one HR solution for businesses. It’s a primarily web-based system and is used by multiple high-profile companies such as SoundCloud. It aims to automate the repetitive and mundane tasks while organizing all other HR-related processes.

BambooHR has been slowly developed into a cloud-based HR software, with features such as e-signatures, training tracking, performance tools, easy reporting, and time-off management.

It also has full mobile support which includes all its features. This means you won’t be limited to certain features on different platforms.

However, the pricing system isn’t as transparent as it should be. Technically, they offer two plans, the Essentials, and the Advantage plan. However, there is no pricing given for either. You have to call the company, provide information on your company, and explain how much of your HR processes need to be handled by the software. Then the representative will provide a quote.

Moreover, the software itself is very data-oriented, which means relying on it completely may result in overlooking things like employee feelings, thoughts, and external factors.

Final Thoughts

Before deciding on an HR software, you need to understand your organization and its need for one. Once you do that, you need to compare those needs and see which software fulfills all of them or at least most of them.

Once you have a detailed outlook and competitive analysis, you decide on the one that provides the most value at an affordable price.