ADP Payroll Review: Should You Use It

As any new company, coming up within the last few years can testify, coming to grips with payroll processing for a growing workforce can be difficult. With all the employee details to manage, and all the paperwork to take care of, the HR management, especially with regards to payroll, can be strenuous. Fortunately, payroll services such as ADP payroll streamline the process a lot. Such services are a vital part of any HR strategy for startups.

ADP payroll, and other related payroll processing platforms are basically automation engines for payroll and other employee management tasks. However, with so many good offerings out there, is ADP payroll the right choice for your company?

Let’s find out.

About ADP Payroll

ADP is one of the biggest Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions provider in the world. The company has amassed over 700,000 customers over the years and offers payroll processing, as well as benefits administration, and even onboarding for new hires. The platform is so big, in fact, that according to a survey held regarding such software platforms, it was found that out of every 6 US-based employees, at least one gets their payroll processed through this platform.

Prime Features of ADP Payroll

ADP is an established HCM and payroll service provider, and so it undoubtedly has its fair share of salient features. It automates all the payroll software solutions, and allows users to save on both monetary and human resources. The actual software sets up easily, and offers HR solutions, organizes payroll data, as well as, integrates technology and talent; all to upgrade the employee experience and increase performance.

Let’s go over some of the prime features of the software.

Direct Bank Deposit

The payroll software simply accumulates all the employee-specific data at the start of the setup process and uses it to automatically generate payroll for each employee. It then directly deposits the payment amount into the bank accounts of all employees.

This is a great feature that lets you focus on other HR tasks that require individual effort and leave the check processing to the software system.

Local and Federal Tax Tracking

This feature allows the software users to both calculate, and file all the relevant federal and local taxes. This is actually a very time-consuming task, even for the most technologically ahead company. Often, companies need to dedicate entire teams to this. ADP offers easy local and federal tax filing and tracking, to help employees and the host company stay compliant.

Attendance and Time

While this is not a new feature, it is a welcome addition to any payroll processing software. The ADP human capital management suite includes an employee time tracker that keeps a record of both attendance and time spent at the office. It then uses this data to make appropriate deductions from the total salary of the employee, before making the direct bank deposit on the company’s behalf.

The managers who are setting up the software only need to enter the relevant employee details, such as how much each employee makes. Additionally, they will have to enter specifics in case there are any changes to the employees’ salary.

Talent Management

This feature helps companies acquire the best talent, train them and develop them for the future. In this day and age, it is important to consistently train and develop employees, in order to keep them up to date with all the incoming technology and organizational trends. In addition, the service also helps to find the best talent, while also keeping a record of hires.

Misc. Benefits

Perhaps the most important feature, this one lets companies streamline and enhance their benefits management. This spreads across retirement plans, and health insurance, all the way to employee benefits administration.

Pros and Cons of ADP Payroll

Here are some of the reasons why and why not to use ADP payroll.


  • Extended HR solutions, along with payroll processing
  • Real-time analytics and access to cloud storage
  • Android and iOS apps for on-the-go management
  • Excellent customer support
  • Video tutorials and guidance for usage


  • No company calendar
  • Some issues related to time-off policies and monitoring
  • Risk of historical data loss with the time-off policy issue.

Is ADP Payroll Worth It?

Overall, ADP payroll is a good investment, especially if you want a payroll processing option that many companies use and trust with their benefits management and HCM. On the other hand, the company doesn’t offer some benefits-related calculators such as a student loan refinance calculator. In addition, some companies have experienced some technical issues in the past. However, due to the excellent customer support, you can easily get the issues rectified, and as long as you keep a backup of the employee data, you should be good to go.